We've all been through some shit.

It's those of us who learn to adapt and get over our pasts that are able to create the lives we want moving forward.

I've been through more shit than you can imagine. Life's dealt me a hell of a hand of cards to play with, yet I've still been able to overcome the outrageous circumstances and create the life I always knew I'd have one day.

Let's be real here. I've been adopted, dropped out of the 9th grade, homeless, on drugs, in prison, on drugs again, divorced, in prison again, divorced again, lost a high paying job and more. Despite all of those shitty circumstances, I've been able to create several multi million dollar businesses and an amazing family of choice.

I've made a lot of mistakes in my life. Learning from mistakes is the most powerful way to gain an education. I've made enough mistakes to have a PhD in mistake making.

But from making a prolific amount of fuck-ups, I've gained an education through experience that's unmatched.

I should be carrying more baggage than a fully loaded 777 jet. Yet I'm happy, have minimum stress levels, have an amazing family life, booming businesses and all sorts of great people in my life. All because I've made some decisions in my life that paid off in major ways. I'm not just talking business decisions either. I'm talking about some life decisions that allowed me to gain abundance in all the areas of my life.

In just 8 chapters I can share these decisions with you and how you can decide for yourself to have a better life. This isn't some weak-ass book for the snowflake generation. This is a hard as nails, straight to the point, no fluff, fuck-your-excuses book on how to own your own shit and get past the BS that's been dragging you down most of your life.